Author Interview: Celia Aaron

Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark.

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PK: What does your writing process look like?

CA: I am a pantser (i.e. I don’t outline). I’m pretty much the worst sort of pantser there is. I just have an idea and then I sit down and start writing. Sometimes, if I get stuck, I’ll write a half-ass sort of outline for the rest of the book, which I then often totally ignore. My catch phrase for this poor behavior on my part is: “I just do things.” And, yes, I wrote both Counsellor and Magnate this way (I am officially the worst).


PK: Do you have any strange writing quirks?

CA: I crinkle my nose. Sometimes, if I’m really intense on a scene, just banging away on my poor keyboard, I have a subconscious habit of crinkling my nose up just the slightest bit. I don’t know I’m even doing it, but Mr. Aaron has noticed in the past.


PK: With the Romance genre being so wide, why the decision to write Erotica instead of say.. Historical Romance?

CA: I don’t think I’m quite smart enough for historical romance. It’s very detail driven and I’m more of a big picture kind of gal. I love big stories with twists and sort of focus on plot and characterization. If I had to focus on details like calling what my hero is wearing “breeches” instead of “pants,” I would be in a world of hurt. Details, details, go fuck yourself details.


PK: What is the difference between erotic fiction and porn?

CA: I don’t care for full length porn flicks. At all. I love my little gif collection of naughtiness on my tumblr, though. And I love erotica. I think the difference may lie in the words and the imagination. You watch a porn, you get the whole picture. You read an erotica, you get to bring your own imagination to the table—which makes things immeasurably hotter. The guy in the book goes from fucking your heroine to fucking you, instead, and it is amazing. In a porn, you don’t get the luxury of putting yourself in the heroine’s place quite as easily. I probably should have gone on and on about the male gaze or something, but for me, it’s simply the fact that I can imagine way hotter than I can ever see.


PK: You’re definitely no stranger to semi-taboo subjects. Your books often contain dubious consent, stepbrothers and forced seduction. It’s also hot as hell but is there a subject you would never write about?

CA: I’m not capable of writing animals, incest, or anyone under the age of consent in a sexytimes fashion. Just can’t do it. Consent is key. Even in my dubious consent books, there is consent, so I guess I’m sort of a stickler for that. Non-consensual play (among consenting adults), though, I’m all for.

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PK: And in the same vein, what appeals to you about these semi-taboo subjects?

CA: I write whatever I think is hot. I think non-consent play is a turn-on for lots of people, though it’s a bit too taboo to admit. Stepbrother has been a big thing in the genre because it’s sort of taboo, but not really, because there is no blood relation. It’s like a safe taboo. I just sort of dance along the edge of the taboo because edging is fun (*winks*).


PK: Your Acquisition Series is a lot darker than most of your other books, what inspired you to write this series?

CA: Beauty and the Beast is my favorite trope of all time. I took that framework and twisted it to create the darker series of The Acquisition. I dabble in different genres, though I tend to veer darker and darker as I go. Sometimes I find myself having to go delete scenes and redo them to make them lighter and brighter in my shorter works. I’m sort of jack of all trades, master of none in that sense, though I do have a hardon for darker books. I still need to write light and fluffy sometimes to keep it varied.


PK: What did you learn while writing the Acquisition Series?

CA: I learned that plotting a complex and dark thriller sort of romance is difficult as fuck. The trouble is that I’m a panster, and, therefore, just sort of take off without having a roadmap. Sometimes, everything coalesces into a coherent plot. Sometimes, I have to go back in and drop bread crumb clues to tie everything together. And sometimes, I just have to trash sections and redo them until it’s where I want it to be.


PK: As mentioned, this series is very dark and it is an excellent psychological thriller that takes you to some scary places. What scares you?

CA: Uncertainty. Loss of control. Control is a huge theme/plot element in the entirety of The Acquisition Series. I don’t like feeling like I’m not the master of my own fate. So, I toss poor Stella into that situation instead of myself. She’s dealing with it … mostly.


PK: How hard is it to write these dark scenes and get into the minds of your characters while they experience these things?

CA: I love the dark scenes. I love rattling around in Sinclair’s dark and twisty mind. And Stella—I love it when she shows me the backbone that led me to her in the first place. Every time shit gets real, Stella deals with it. She doesn’t come away unscathed, but it only makes her stronger. The dark scenes ramp up the tension in me as I write them, so I often come away with a pounding headache and the need for alcohol or Advil. But if I end a scene totally spent and wound up tight, I feel like I’m on the right path.

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PK: You give good hero. They’re usually over-the-top obsessed alphas with filthy mouths. What appeals to you about these men?

CA: Thanks. Like I said above, I write what I find hot. I find bad boys—the kind who finger fuck you while they mentally fuck you with dirty words—unbelievably hot. If you whisper “you’re my dirty slut” into my ear while I’m coming, you can keep me forever.


PK: Research is often a big part of the writing process. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in order to get your story?

CA: Hmmmm, I’ve done lots of inappropriate things. The most recent I can think of is that I called the oldest bar in Ireland (on my company’s dime, of course) and asked to talk to the nastiest fucker there so I could learn filthy Irish slang terms. And so, F*ck of the Irish became that much more authentic.


PK: What was the first book you wrote, and what happened to it?

CA: The very first book I wrote that I would call an actual “novel” sat on my hard drive, neglected and sad for about 3 years. I revamped it last year and published it under my other pen name. It’s an urban fantasy/PNR about a vampire and the gal who fucked him. 😉


PK: Of all the books you’ve written, which is your favorite and why?

CA: Counsellor, because Sinclair Vinemont is my favorite creation. I also really like another character I wrote—Evangeline Pallida—who is the star of the contemporary erotic romance Bad Bitch, which will be out with SMP Swerve in July under my super-secret real name. She’s a take-no-prisoners bitch. Love. Her!


PK: Which books inspired your love of reading and writing?

CA: When I was a kid, I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure stories and wrote a few of my own. I loved the freedom in that. I’ve always been that nerd at the library, and if I have a spare moment, you will most likely catch me reading. I’m always inspired by the unassuming writers who make it big, like J.K. Rowling (her plotting is tighter than my twat; love it). But I’m also inspired by the writers who are midlist and keep putting amazing works out there that never cease to entertain.

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PK: If you could bring one of your characters to life, who would it be and why?

CA: Sinclair Vinemont – to scold him and fuck him.


PK: What is the one thing you wish women knew about their sexuality?

CA: That it’s OK to read sexy books, to get excited by sexy books, and to act on that excitement.


PK: What do you think makes for a healthy sex life?

CA: Have sex often, twice on Sundays.


PK: If there is one man/woman (alive or dead, real or fictional) you would allow to pull you over his/her knee and spank you, who would it be and why?

CA: Henry Cavill (no explanation necessary).


PK: Who would really like to just punch in the face? (real or fictional, dead or alive)

CA: Little Debbie. That cunt is always trying to ruin my schoolgirl figure.

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PK: When reading for yourself, what types of books do you enjoy?

CA: Romance, erotica, mystery, suspense, thriller. The only thing I won’t read is nonfiction or The Lovely Bones again. That shit killed me. *shudders*


PK: If you were leader of your own country, what would be the first rule you implemented?

CA: Topless Tuesdays.


PK: If you could say something to a twenty-one-year-old Celia, what would it be?

CA: Do NOT drink the mystery liquid from the goddamn Coleman cooler that your roommate’s redneck boyfriend created. Hungover for two whole days.


PK: What was the last lie you told?

CA: That I would implement Topless Tuesdays as my first rule.


PK: When was the last time you said: “GROSS!”?

CA: When one of my coworkers used the word “penetration” in reference to a pipe poking through a leaky roof. (I said “GROSS” facetiously, because I am keenly interested in all things having to do with penetration, natch.)

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PK: When was the last time your said: “Oh, HELL no!”?

CA: When they tried to kill Glenn [again] on The Walking Dead.


PK: When was the last time you blushed?

CA: Been a whiiiiiile. Long while. I’ll have to think about this.


PK: Who inspires you?

CA: My two girls. The older one (5 year old) is calm and thoughtful. My younger one (3 year old) acts like me (i.e. that bitch is a holy terror). They inspire me to keep writing and striving and give them something to aspire to. Which is to say, when they get older, I want to be able to say “I created a goddamn publishing empire with just my fingers on a keyboard and ideas from my brain. What have you two done? GET TO WORK, JERKS!” [just kidding, I love them]


PK: What are you currently obsessed with?

CA: Clarisonic face cleaning doodle.


PK: What distracts you easily?

CA: Pretty humans. Show me a nice ass or a fine set of tits, and my focus is dashed.

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PK: Do you have a bucket list, and if so, give us your top 5?

CA: I don’t like to premise “to-do” lists based on my impending demise.


PK: Favorite guilty pleasure?

CA: Some of Bieber’s songs this year weren’t so terrible. That’s all I’m going to say. Is it too late now to say sorry?

PK: We saw his penis. You’re alright.


PK: Favorite possession?

CA: If he can be called a possession (he wouldn’t like me saying that’s what he is), my cat Tybalt.

PK: Celia Aaron literally just said her pussy is her favorite thing. You heard it  here first.


PK: Tell us 3 random things people might not know about you?

CA: I can touch my tongue to my nose.

I always fall asleep on my side, and I always wake up on my back.

One time, I tripped over my own feet so badly that I swore I actually flew for a moment.


PK: What’s next for Celia Aaron?

CA: Cleat Chaser comes out on March 17, 2016. It’s a baseball fuck book, you’ll love it. It’s actually quite funny—a romantic comedy co-written with that little green-eyed ninnymuggins Sloane Howell.

Sovereign comes out on April 28, 2016. Dark and stormy.

And, finally, I will have three novels under my real name out in July with Saint Martin’s Press Swerve entitled “Bad Bitch,” “Hardass,” and “Total Dick.” (I’m not even kidding. They let me title my books that. Suckers!)


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