Book Review: EGOMANIAC by Vi Keeland

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The night I met Drew Jagger, he’d just broken into my new Park Avenue office.

I dialed 9-1-1 before proceeding to attack him with my fancy new Krav Maga skills.

He quickly restrained me, then chuckled, finding my attempted assault amusing.

Of course, my intruder had to be arrogant.

Only, turned out, he wasn’t an intruder at all.

Drew was the rightful occupant of my new office.  He’d been on vacation while his posh space was renovated.

Which was how a scammer got away with leasing me office space that wasn’t really available for rent.

I was swindled out of ten grand.

The next day, after hours at the police station, Drew took pity on me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  In exchange for answering his phones while his secretary was out, he’d let me stay until I found a new place.

I probably should have acted grateful and kept my mouth shut when I overheard the advice he was spewing to his clients.  But I couldn’t help giving him a piece of my mind.

I never expected my body to react every time we argued.  Especially when that was all we seemed to be able to do.

The two of us were complete opposites. Drew was a bitter, angry, gorgeous-as-all-hell, destroyer of relationships.  And my job was to help people save their marriages.

The only thing the two of us had in common was the space we were sharing.

And an attraction that was getting harder to deny by the day.


Egomaniac Vi Keeland Book review 1

Cinderella met Prince Charming, dropped her shoe and lived happily ever after. Well… not quite. More like Cinderella had enough of country life, got a degree, followed Prince Charming to the Big Apple, dropped her skirt and got arrested– and it only went downhill from there… It sucked for Cinderella, but it made for and extremely entertaining read.

Egomaniac Vi Keeland Book review 2

This is my favorite Vi Keeland book to date. From the very first page I just knew I was going to adore Drew Jagger. Caustic, rude, cocky Drew with a soft and squishy centre. He has surrounded himself with reminders that love does not exist and carefully built himself  life in which no woman can get too close and – he just wasn’t prepared for the storm that is Emerie, or how much he enjoys her disrupting his life.

Egomaniac Vi Keeland Book review 3

Emerie is naïve and still believes that love can last. She’s sweet with only the best of intentions, even if those intentions have her on a one way road to hell. That being said I didn’t find her naivety annoying in the least but instead found her spunk, determination and little quirks nothing but endearing. Together these two characters were incredibly entertaining. Their banter and interactions had me laughing out loud and snortling from the get-go and I couldn’t get enough of the friendship turned sexship.

Egomaniac Vi Keeland Book review 4

I was so caught up in their light-hearted angst and tension that I was very nearly blindsided by the emotional plot that was developing right under my nose. Near the end of this book I had to swallow back the lump in my throat and was shouting at these characters to just give me the happy ending I desperately needed from them.

Egomaniac Vi Keeland Book review 5

Egomaniac had a bit of everything. Laughter, tenderness, sweetness, passion and fireworks all weaved wonderfully together in a storyline that had me at the edge of my seat. I definitely recommend this highly entertaining read!

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Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author. With more than a million books sold, her titles have appeared in over fifty Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twelve languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.

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