Book Review: Push – Dani Wyatt

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A fighter without mercy.
A girl without hope.

The only thing that makes Flynn Dunleavy feel alive is the taste of his own blood. He’s the tattooed bastard son of Detroit’s most ruthless crime leader and he only knows three things for sure.
How to hit, how to hate and how to make women scream his name.
Until she shows up.

Lilly is the asset. The brain. The beautiful naive pawn in a high stakes game of family tradition, loyalty and intimidation, And Flynn’s father Colin Dunleavy is her fiancé.

The day she tumbles into his world, Flynn stands by as his father greets her with a bloody lip and an indifferent smile. And for the first time in his life Flynn feels something. A thump in his chest, a twitch in his heart. That day, she became his obsession.
His salvation.
His ruin.
Why is the one person that could save him the one person he can never have?

This is one fight he cannot lose.


Blazing hot, stand alone romance with a HEA and an ultra Alpha Dominant hero


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Flynn and Lilly are both living in hell. Flynn is the bastard son of one of the most dangerous men in Detroit and is forced to fight for a living or be killed. Lilly is being forced to marry Flynn’s father in exchange for getting her mother some much needed medical help and also to join two mafia families in a legitimate connection. Flynn and Lilly are also hopelessly in love.

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This book is an epic tale. It has all the angst you could expect from a forbidden romance, all the heat and sexual tension from a passionate obsession and all the twists and danger you’d expect from a mafia romance. This book has it all.

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It’s a bit of a dark, depressing story at times and not easy but it is SO worth reading. It starts off amidst a lot of confusion, seemingly halfway into the story and you’re left having to figure out a lot of details as you go along but I even found that interesting. It kept me turning pages to figure out the story and before I knew it I was hopelessly invested in Flynn and Lilly and their beautiful words. They sizzled together.

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This book is an emotional rollercoaster. There were characters in this book that were truly just the vilest most evil set of people and as I’m writing this review my hate for them is still burning under my skin. There were characters I absolutely loved and Flynn and Lilly were just so wonderful together.

Push is long but the writing and words were simply just beautiful and all in all I totally loved this book.

(ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

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